As the founder of the Writing Brave movement, I am committed to creating a community. 

A community where we can share wins, celebrate each other, and learn together.

Over the four days of The Writing Brave Summit - and beyond - here is the code of conduct that will create a safe space for our community to thrive.

1. You choose who gets your email address. 

When you opt into the summit, you agree to receive email only from me, the host. While you will have opportunities to sign up for each speaker’s offers and newsletter - and I encourage you to do so, because they are awesome people! - speakers will NOT automatically receive your email address.

2. Be respectful and be kind to the event speakers. 

In the text chat, via email, and in other online spaces, be respectful and kind. Of course, you are welcome to disagree or dislike their talk or approach! That’s fine. But you may not insult speakers, demand an answer to your question, or post derogatory remarks in the chat.

Comments on a speaker’s appearance, mannerisms or way of speaking (including comments) are not acceptable.

Keep comments in the text chat relevant to the speaker’s talk.

3. Be respectful and kind to each other, and to me and my team.

As a participant in this event, you agree not to make hurtful or discriminatory statements about people based on their race, gender, sexuality, age, ability / disability, or class. (Note: I know that it’s much easier to get this wrong than we like to think, and we all have places where we can grow our awareness. And, if you’re in this room, be open to learning, apologizing if you make a mistake, and working to do better in the future.)

As a participant, you agree not to correct each other's grammar or point out typos from our fellow attendees in the chat. Nope - we’re not here for that. :)

As a participant, you agree to be respectful to my team members - they are here to help you!

4. And now my promise: I promise to listen to you.

I am committed to creating a space that is safe - with the understanding that people of color and people from other marginalized groups can often, unfortunately, encounter harm in spaces that are not geared specifically toward their group. With that in mind, I agree to listen to your concerns and take action if something is bothering you.

If something is said, by me or by a speaker or another attendee, that concerns you, please reach out to me at [email protected]. There is no time limit on this.

Many thanks to my friend Daniel David Wallace, whose own summit Code of Conduct provided a template which I’ve rewritten for The Writing Brave Summit.