Our speakers will be sharing their experiences, strategies and knowledge. Who are you going to watch?

Stacey Aaronson

Founder, The Book Doctor Is In

Brooke Adams Law

Writing Brave

Danielle Anderson

Memoir Book Coach, Ink Worthy Books

Jenna Avery

June Bennett

Elena Brower

Sue Brown-Moore

Fiction Book Coach

Dr. Suzy Cater

Cindy Cisneros

Creativity LLC

daphne cohn

April Davila

Rhonda Douglas

Resilient Writers

Megan Febuary

Asha Frost

Ellyn Gelman

Savannah Gilbo

Marita Golden

Nina Hart

Founder, Writing from the Top of Your Head

Dr. Shana Hartman

Grace Kerina

Author, Writing Coach, Self-Publishing Mentor

Jen Louden

Jen Milius

Alexis Miller

Purple Shelf Club

Jacquelyn Mitchard

Lexi Mohney

Founder, Courage Publishing

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